I Solve Problems

I’m Terrance HT Ip and I’m a consultant and subject matter expert in sales, customer service, management, and leadership. I’ve used these skills to successfully spearhead an international business expansion, as well as create a turnkey business that sold for 3x return on invested capital.

I offer tailored solutions to small businesses.

Which problem do you solve first?

You didn’t get into business for yourself so that you can work long hours. You wanted freedom to do what you want, when you want. But things aren’t working out the way you thought they would.

Need to make more money?

You can only cut spending and increase margins so much. At some point, you're going to need to increase your top-line revenue. You'll need to learn how to increase sales. I can teach you.

Want to stop working so many hours?

You need your employees to excel while you're attending to other matters. But how? Through thorough training and effective leadership. Every team is different, and I'll help you work with what you've got.

Looking to expand, but don’t have enough time?

You'll need processes and policies to organize and manage your business. That's the only way you'll get more time to build your business. I'll create efficient processes that help you stay on track.

Want to impress your customers?

You'll need a strong web presence. Customers feel more assured about your business when you've got a great website. I design great websites that'll draw your customers in with punchy text and amazing photos.

Ready to start?

Together, we can mold your business to make it serve you better.

Gain Insights

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Marcus Lemonis Business Tips from The Profit: Hangout Lighting

The Profit — Hangout Lighting: Tips for Small Business Owners

In the episode of The Profit that aired on July 17 2018, Marcus Lemonis heads out to Hangout Lighting in Chicago. Small busi­ness own­er Jennifer Brown start­ed out sell­ing cus­tom light fix­tures on Etsy and grew her small busi­ness into a com­pa­ny that makes $730,000 in annu­al rev­enue. While Hangout Lighting isn’t strug­gling finan­cial­ly, Ms. Brown…

Great copywriting is crucial to eCommerce and boosts sales.

Good Writing: The Role of Good Copy in eCommerce

eCommerce is an extreme­ly prof­itable indus­try and there’s no indi­ca­tion that it’s slow­ing down any­time soon. Quite the oppo­site. Major nation­al retail­ers like JC Penney, Macy’s, GameStop, and Barnes & Noble have shut­tered many of their brick-and-mor­­tar stores. Selling things on the Internet is the future. So how do you sell things on the Internet? It’s…

How to Increase Retail Sales

Looking to increase sales in your busi­ness? If you have less than 15 employ­ees and sell goods to con­sumers, I can help you increase your sales. Lay A Strong Foundation I’ve writ­ten a book­let called the Sales Improvement Blueprint. It’s for busi­ness­es with less than 15 full-time staff and between $30,000–$1 mil­lion in annu­al rev­enue. This is a frame­work for small…

Retail is Dying: How to Save Your Retail Business

Retail is dying. E-com­merce is dom­i­nat­ing. Do you know what big retail­ers like JC Penney, GameStop, and Barnes & Noble are doing in order to sur­vive? JC Penney and GameStop are clos­ing stores. Can you afford to close yours? To sur­vive, we all have to adapt. Successful big retail­ers are adapt­ing to become more like inde­pen­dent stores.…